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Our Story

I founded HCO Lifestyle Support Services with the intention of making life as simple and stress-free as possible for those who live in their home but are no longer able to maintain the lifestyle they’re used to. We cater to clients who either require some support, don’t know who to ask when an issue arises, or just don’t have time to deal with the tasks themselves.


I grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia, working mostly for my grandparents and their neighbours from a young age and later with many positions in a family drycleaning business. Since then, through both professional and personal experience, I have gained a very thorough understanding and appreciation of the issues faced by seniors, and their families, while aging at home.

Before returning back to Truro, I was a Project Manager for Nova Scotia's largest seniors' health care provider for over 10 years and played a key role in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a variety of living options and best practices concerning issues important to seniors.

In addition, I saw first hand as my mother in law struggled to care for her ailing husband for nine years, sometimes unable to take a couple of hours to get the everyday supplies she needed, or just to enjoy some time to herself to re-charge. Also, if something were to go wrong with the house, issues that he would normally have looked after, she didn't necessarily know where to turn to get the help she needed.

My team and I understand these issues very well and are committed to improving the lives of seniors and their loved ones. We truly believe that what we have today is a result of what those who came before us left and we owe them our thanks in their time of need. We are grateful to be able to serve you and your family and we want to give back and provide for our community the best way we know how.

We hire only the best local businesses and independent contractors who are thoroughly screened to ensure they share our same interests in providing high quality services at fair rates.

If you know someone whose life would be enhanced with support at home, or in a facility, you can rest assured that their happiness is our top priority.

I created this service to offer convenience, assurance and protection to the people who built our community.


Colin Bagnell

Colin Bagnell, MBA

President, HCO Lifestyle Support Inc.

"I created this service to offer convenience, assurance and protection
to those who built our community."
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